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"At Más que Laboral, we strive to be a professional and dynamic consultancy, adapted to the digital era, utilizing new technologies to enhance communication with our clients. Being attuned to these technologies enables us to expedite processes quickly and securely, thereby reducing both time and processing costs. Additionally, we can offer our services irrespective of your location."

At Más que Laboral, we aim to be a professional and dynamic consultancy, adapted to the digital era, utilizing new technologies to streamline communication with our clients. Our adaptation to these technologies allows us to carry out procedures quickly and securely, thereby reducing processing times and costs. Moreover, we can provide our services regardless of your location.

We understand that in the business framework, the labor sector is crucial. In this domain, we encounter the human aspect of the company. Therefore, having sound advice on aspects influencing labor relations is essential for achieving business success.

We are transparent in our management. We deal directly without intermediaries. We commit to our clients by dedicating enough time to listen to their concerns. Once we have a clear understanding of the situation, we explore various alternatives to achieve the best outcome, and together we decide on the optimal option.

Explaining the client's situation in a straightforward manner is the beginning of any consultation.

We believe there is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer. That's why we seek customer loyalty through excellent service and quality work.

"We want to be your go-to employment consultancy in Estepona."

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About us

At the helm of Más que Laboral is Pilar Teresa López Castillo, a graduate in labour relations from the Faculty of Labour Relations in the province of Córdoba.

Although originally from Córdoba, she fell in love with the city of Estepona when she visited. After completing her university studies, she joined the labour department of a renowned Graduados Social firm in Córdoba.

Over the years, she has developed professionally, taking on an active role within the firm and solidifying her passion for the profession of Graduado Social.
Coming from a business family, she has always been clear that practicing her profession independently was the future that awaited her. In 2016, she decides to establish herself as an independent professional in the city of Estepona, and in 2019, she launches her project Más que Laboral.

As a professional, she deems it necessary to invest in ongoing education to stay informed about legislative updates.

'Investing in education is investing in assets.
Now that we have introduced you to the head of Más que Laboral, we encourage you to rely on her experience and professionalism to consult, manage, or process any issues that may arise.

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