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Más que Laboral primarily operates in advising, representing, and managing social, labour, social security, and employment matters, as well as providing technical assistance and representation in social jurisdiction.

We assist you in carrying out key procedures for personnel hiring, payroll management, analysis of collective bargaining agreement applications, submission and settlement of social security contributions, situations of temporary incapacity, contract modifications, employment and salary suspensions, disciplinary sanctions, contract terminations and/or dismissals, and any other circumstances affecting labour matters.


Some of our specialized services include:
  • Management and processing of the labor area for companies and self-employed individuals.
  • Labour legal advice.
  • Labour conciliation and mediation
  • Prior claims
  • Technical representation before the administration.
  • Technical representation before the Social Court
  • Contributory and non-contributory benefits
  • Management and processing of self-employment initiatives. Subsidies and assistance.
  • Initial training for employment and business
  • Personnel selection. Human Resources (HR)
  • Many more..
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Some of our frequently asked questions
Is it necessary for me to go to the office?

No, at Mas que Laboral, we embrace new technologies. This way, we can assist you wherever you are. We only need prior authorization and payment of the fee.

Do you charge a percentage or a flat fee?

Typically, our services are based on flat fees; however, in some more complex cases, specific fees based on professional outcomes may be established. Ask us for a quote for your procedures.

Is the first consultation free?

No, we believe in the professional capability of our team, and experience has shown that in the first consultation, we usually address the questions raised.

What types of tasks do you handle?

Although our specialty is in labor law matters, we can handle other tasks as well. Ask us

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